ANTONIO, really


Antonio Soriano is a composer from the great city of Chicago who's music can be heard on television, radio, web series and film. Rooted in jazz, classical and world music, Antonio has branched out to to reach genres from music you can find on the radio all the way to remote indian villages. Antonio's use of his space age music computer fused with old country front porch instrument performance delivers top production. His personal touch of emotion and passion united with his clients visions brings projects to life.

Antonio was Emmy Nominated in 2013 for the soundtrack to "Journeys in India" a 13 episode, high-definition TV series now airing on PBS. Recent projects include score for "Journeys in Africa" which will air in the summer of 2015, "Jane the Mystery Dinosaur" which aired world-wide on Discovery channel and Science channel. In addition to scoring to picture Antonio also has a passion for composing soul soothing, mind drenching music entitled bodyBUZZ. For more info on bodyBUZZ click here, or go to the tab entitled bodyBUZZ on navigation bar.


This is my music.
This is the language I speak best.
It is my soul revealed, my thoughts provoked.
This is the gift I live to share.

Eclectic Music. Passionate Performance. Unique Perspective.


Antonio lives in Chicago with his wife Marie and their son.

Sign: Libra

Birthday: October 9th

Hometown: Chicago

Occupation: Composer, Performer, Producer, Guitarist

Favorite Artists: Guiseppe Verdi, Led Zepplin, Art Blakey, Chet Atkins, Ravi Shenkar, U2, Sublime, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Damien Rice, The Strokes, Snoop, Kanye, Eminem, Umberto Tozzi, Ennio Morricone, Bruno Mars, Modest Mouse, and on and on and on.

Favorite Movies: Cinema Paradiso, What About Bob, Nacho Libre, Braveheart, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Ricerca di Nemo, Life is Beautiful, Mr. Deeds, and on and on and on.

Activities: Yoga, Hockey, Soccer, Gardening, Playing Music, Long Car Rides, Watching Movies

Thank you for visiting our site. Our intention for creating this site is so that we may attract others who have faith in the healing powers of music and joyfully support us while we do our part to serve. ~Antonio & Marie
Photo by my beautiful wife Marie Soriano
Artwork by the lovely Olive Romero