Journeys in India Soundtrack V1

            New Projects & Things

Journeys in Africa

Antonio is currently composing the soundtrack for Journeys in Africa a 13 episode, high-definition TV series, airing summer of 2015. Soundtrack will available for purchase when show airs. Enjoy the promo video.

Journeys in India

In 2013 Antonio was Emmy Nominated for the soundtrack to Journeys in India, a 13 episode, high-definition TV series now airing on PBS. His melodic and enchanting music perfectly mesh with the beautiful, mystical and often mysterious images of India. The Journeys in India Soundtrack is available to transport you, far away, to this place of passion, beauty, and allure. Watch and Listen.

Mike's Ma's Balls

Antonio is composing the soundtrack for the webseries Mike's Ma's Balls. 16 hilarious episodes of 3 yoots trying to get Mike's Ma's Meatballs. Check back for trailer.

bodyBUZZ Heart

Antonio's bodyBUZZ Heart album from the bodyBUZZ series is complete and ready to purchase. Have a listen here.

bodyBUZZ Moon

Our newest creation, bodyBUZZ + Astrology = Magic. This series will include music for meditation, estatic dance and sound healing. Due out summer 2015

New Instrumental Guitar Music

Antonio is in the studio composing and recording new music for his upcoming Instrumental guitar album entitled Prossimo. Due out Spring 2015.

Tv Spot for Lukes 

Check out this blues track Antonio composed for a recent TV spot.
Photo by my beautiful wife Marie Soriano
Artwork by the lovely Olive Romero